Design Process

At our initial meeting I will gain an understanding of how you may want to use your garden and any practical considerations there might be. We will loosely discuss some ideas which I will then write up into a brief along with a quotation for the works.

The next step will be a site analysis for existing features and boundaries, soil conditions and level changes, drainage and any other issues that may affect the design.

Following on from this existing framework I will then produce a design plan for your future garden. This will be accompanied by inspiration imagery for materials, lighting and planting to bring the idea to live. I will also include a set of master visuals that will model your future garden from several key angles.

Once your are happy with this design I will produce a Presentation Plan that will indicate major trees and landscaping features alongside a scope of works specifications document to help contractors towards a successful build. I will also help you find the right type of contractor taking into consideration location, scale and experience required.

Presentation Plan

Presentation Plans

Presentation Plans illustrate the layout of the design including the proposed areas of hard landscaping and soft landscaping (plants and lawns). They detail any changes in levels, walls, steps, water features, etc.

For accuracy these drawings are produced in CAD and are scaled so they allow contractors to cost accurately. After client feedback the initial Presentation Plan is developed into a Final Presentation Plan.

Planting Plan

Planting Plans

A planting plan illustrates all the positions and numbers of plants and trees to be used in the scheme. The species and cultivars are also specified. All planting plans are compiled with consideration of the soil conditions and the site aspect.

The planting plan is also supported with a planting schedule document which is a list of all plants to be used including numbers, pot size etc.

Construction Drawing

Construction Drawings

Construction Drawings are detailed and accurate drawings and specifications to help the contractor to build the garden to a high standard.

3D Visualisations

3D Visualisations

A 3D Visualisation can really give you sense of what the finished garden will look like from various angles. They are very useful for expressing the look and feel for the proposed planting and materials to be used.